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My fingers are gold, my eyeballs are yellow, and Bugs is dancing through my brain.

My dad does lots and lots of good stuffs in Detroit. Like a lot. Food and toiletries for the homeless, volunteer tutoring, soup kitchens on his lunch break, etc. At the moment, he’s encouraging folks to vote for Veronika Scott, Founder and CEO of The Empowerment Plan and inventor of sleeping bag coats for the homeless for a DVF Award. According to their website, “The DVF Awards were created in 2010 by Diane von Furstenberg and the Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation to honor and support extraordinary women who have had the courage to fight, the power to survive and the leadership to inspire. Women who have transformed the lives of others through their commitment, resources and visibility.” That’s awesome!

If you’ve got a moment and think it’s cool to help people and want the DVF award to go to a really deserving woman who does a lot to help a really troubled city, it would be awesome if you cold take a second to vote for Veronika Scott. VOTE HERE.


Now back to our regularly scheduled program… also inspired (mostly) by my dad, the man who introduced me to the brilliance of the Looney Tunes!


Something a little more light-hearted for this dreary Monday afternoon. It’s feeling especially dreary to me as my husband is in Miami for the week and my friend* spent the morning sending me pictures from the beach in Puerto Rico. Joke’s on them, though– I don’t have a window in my office! So there!

On Saturday night, I crawled into bed and then (very carefully) painted my nails. The fact that I can paint my nails in bed is made possible by the good people of Poshe who invented the niftiest quick dry/top coat ever. I painted my nails a sparkly gold I was unable to resist the last time I was at Ulta.

Gold Fingernails
OPI’s Oy-Another Polish Joke!

On Sunday morning, I was in church and I was over-warm and my mind started to wander. (I’m terrible, I know.) There was a light right above our pew and it was hitting my sparkly gold fingernails just so… they were lovely!

That’s when my mind really went wandering.

Pretty fingernails.

Pretty Lady Fingernails Nail Salon (you remember, Mrs. Swan, right? Heeee-aaaaa look-a like a man?!)

Mrs. Swan {Source}
Mrs. Swan {Source}


Bugs Bunny pretending to be a manicurist saying to Gossamer the monster, “Now let’s dip our patties in the water!”

Somebody needs a manicure!!

And then I was so happy. Because the fact that I can replay 60 year old Bugs Bunny cartoons in my head at the drop of a hat is awesome.

I was looking for a picture to accompany this post and tried googling several iterations of “Bugs Bunny” and “paddies,” “patties,” or “paddys” until I finally found what I was looking for and lo and behold– there’s an entire Wiki entry for that one Bugs episode. (Hair-Raising Hare… the puns kill me!) Awesome.com!

Also, it had a complete transcript of Bugs pretending to be a manicurist:

He starts talking and acting like a girl and says, “Oh, for shame! Just look at those fingernails! (he pulls out a table and chair and starts working on his nails) My, I’ll bet you monsters lead in-teresting lives. I said to my girl friend just the other day, ‘Gee, I’ll bet monsters are in-teresting.’ I said. The places you must go and the things you must see — my stars! I bet you meet lots of in-teresting people too. I’m always in-terested in meeting in-teresting people. Now let’s dip our patties in the water!” He puts the monster’s fingers into the water to have his fingernails cut, but it contains two mousetraps. The monster yelps in pain, and then sobs.

It’s just too hilarious!

I know I’m an old lady and sound even more so by starting a sentence with “Kids these days…”, but kids these days! I tell ya. Wouldn’t know a good cartoon if it bit them on the nose!

But in other pattie/patty/paddie/paddy-related news: Happy St. Paddy’s day, y’all! To be perfectly honest with you, this is probably my least favorite of all major holidays and I’m glad that for the most part I can focus on Easter… but it did give me a great reason to wear the super cute hand-dyed green and yellow silk scarf I got from my aunt relatively recently. It totally brings out my Godzilla eyes (they are green, mostly, but with quite a disturbing bit of yellow around the middle… you know, like Godzilla).

See-- it doesn't even make a difference! {Godzilla Image Source}
See– it barely even makes a difference! {Godzilla Image Source}

Happy Monday! Enjoy your green beer, if that’s your style, and drive safely, pretty please!


*Did you catch that “my friend” part? Because that pediatrician, the really pretty one, that I told you about a long while ago– she’s my legit real live friend now. Little bit of a jerk for sending me vacation photos while she knows I’m stuck in a gray office in chilly, chilly Wisconsin, but my friend nevertheless. You know you’re real friends when teasing becomes ok. Amazing what can happen when you (I) just get over your(my)self and try!



Oh, hello… you’re still here?! Wonderful! Got a moment now? Vote for Veronika!!

An old compliment, a new manicure. Also, a purple monkey.

One time my friend Erika said something nice to me. (Actually a lot more than once, I just want to tell you about one of those times…)

It was a small compliment. But it made me feel oh so good.

We were in grad school and I had just painted my fingernails with my newest shade– OPI’s Pamplona Purple. (Small pleasures, you know…)

And my friend Erika… she told me she liked it!

And not just that, she told me that it was the “perfect shade of purple” and asked me for the name.

I didn’t invent the color. I only even picked it because I thought the name was cool. But I still felt so much pride in my pretty purple fingers. I felt so good!

It was seriously such a small, itty, bitty, likely not even terribly well thought out compliment. And yet, I still remember it… several years later.

I thought about that compliment on Saturday as I removed the remaining bits of my silver sparkles from the crazy week before and put on a couple coats of vibrant, shiny, Pamplona Purple– fingers and toes!!

Here, I’ll show you:

Pamplona Purple

Kidding! Those totally aren’t my nails! This is the cool way to show off a manicure though– perfectly painted fingers wrapped around the bottle.

I’ve also seen it this way:


Perfectly manicured nails wrapped around something pretty and similar in color. But those are (obviously) also not my nails.

These… these are my nails:

Purple Monkey Manicure

I wrapped my pretty purple nails around my pretty purple monkey. Just like on the rest of the internet. Because I’m cool like that. And because Erika made me feel nice when I painted my nails like this the first time.

Amazing what such a small thing can do for you, isn’t it? You never really know when that nice thing you’re thinking could be exactly the nice thing someone needs to hear. And if you do let it out– maybe it’ll be something worth remembering in a year or two or five when that person needs a little pick-me-up.


Anyway, I’d love to stay and chat, but I’m watching Crazy, Stupid, Love. and it’s almost the part of the movie where Cal realizes his daughter is the girl Jacob is dating and a big, hilarious, four-man, backyard brawl breaks out. I love this part, it’s too funny. So I better watch it. And if you haven’t seen Crazy, Stupid, Love. you should really consider watching it too! (And I turned it on right before Jacob took his shirt off, double bonus. It wasn’t until I saw this that I got the Ryan Gossling “Hey Girl” Pinterest phenomenon. I totally get it now.)

Later gators!!

My grant! It was ROUND!

Imagine for a moment that the world really had been flat when Columbus decided to sail around it. He’d have literally fallen off the face of the Earth.

His trip took a long time and I can’t imagine that cell service reached that far meaning that contact with home was non-existent. As such, people probably thought that he did fall off the face of the Earth.

Last Thursday, I said yes to a real big grant with a very short timeline.

And as you may have noticed, I sailed my ship right off the face of the Earth.

Or so you thought!

But like the world, my grant was round, and here I am! Back among the living! (Just a little tired…)

Sigh of relief though. That was a doozy! The grant still isn’t technically out the door and I’ve spent most of the day today making minor tweaks and changes and edits and such, but for the most part, it’s ready to go. Monday is the official deadline, and on Monday, “send” shall be clicked. Huzzah!

In the meantime, I had a total It’s a Wonderful Life moment. My house was a MESS! I almost took before and after cleaning pictures last night… but it was simply too horrifying to even be funny. We had crossed the line. (See! I matter! I really do!)

My gmail inbox has 55 unread emails– and that’s after deleting the junk! (Huge apologies if I’ve been ignoring you!)

Insane Inbox

I have an episode of Downton Abbey on the DVR (what that whaaaaat?!).

(It's the Masterpiece Classic one. Permission to judge.)
(It’s the Masterpiece Classic one. Permission to judge.)

My nail polish is flaking off to a pathetic point and I haven’t even had the time to pick at it. (But I love picking at it!!)

Nail Polish

And I haven’t posted on Under the Tapestry in over a week!!!

No Posts

Oy. None of this is ok. Thank goodness for this upcoming weekend!

But there are some reasons why the insane hours and the seriously mentally taxing work (and not just mentally! I hurt my finger on a staple! writing can be physically taxing too!) was completely worth it… there were some silver linings, if you will.

First, I learned A LOT. About A LOT.

Unfamiliar funding mechanism, unfamiliar topic, unfamiliar PI. But not anymore.

I could write another HRSA grant, and I could do it well. (Fingers crossed HRSA thinks it’s written as well as I think it is.) Especially given more time. Because seriously, I could have used more time. A lot more time.

The topic– fascinating!! I have a personal interest in improving access to behavioral health services (because remember, I’ve kind of cra-a-azy) and I think the proposed project offers a really wonderful way to do that in our community. Very easy to get on board. Not as easy to learn the material. But I read and read and read (and googled and googled and googled) and I’ve come out the other side with a much better understanding of the role that different types of health professionals can play in behavioral healthcare as well as how the different pieces of the organization I work for can fit together to make that happen. Fascinating stuff!

And the PI… she was wonderful. Truly a dream to work with. She’s passionate about what she does and really understands how to make care better for patients. And that’s why she does what she does and why I wanted to help her do more of it. She makes all those hours worth it… and will continue to do so as I cash in on some favors I’m owed to help advance some other program grants I’ve been toying around with. (Mr. Burns-style excellent.)

So, yes, I am tired. And my poor husband is starved near to death. But we survived it. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat, even if it meant there was another week where we couldn’t chat.

(That’s not to say I haven’t missed you, because I have! And dearly!)

Anyway, I’ve sailed back to you, little lovelies! Back to Earth, back to normal, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Yay!!