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Behold!  The extreme homeliness that is my from scratch-scratch spaghetti sauce!!


I started with beautiful, fresh produce from my mother-in-law’s garden (because who else grows such lovely tomatoes and red peppers?!)


 I roasted the veggies in the oven for a while with some garlic until my whole house smelled delicious!

Then I tossed the roasted veggies into the blender with some Italian seasoning. (Seriously: the Ninja.  Best.  Blender.  EVER.  And we’ve tried a lot of different crappy blenders.)  (Was the blender necessary?  For me– yes.  I have major textural issues with food, especially tomato chunks.  I never claimed to be normal.)  Finally, I added some Italian sausage and sauteed spinach.


And voila!!  Beautiful, delicious, oh-so-tasty, fresh-from-the-garden-except-for-spinach-from-the-freezer-case spaghetti sauce.  So good!

Next steps:

1) Acquire boat load of tomatoes.

2) Learn to can.

3) Admire handiwork.

Recipe-free is the way to be!  I love making it up as I go along… the results are almost always delicious!!  And the process, while disastrous for my kitchen, is most certainly F-U-N!  Fun!

Anyone interested in a spaghetti dinner?

(Yeah, this is not a food blog.  Therefore, my pictures are going to suck.  My process?  Wipe hands on towel, find iPhone, snap photo, moving on…  Nothing gorgeous, but oh-so-delicious.)