Behold!  The extreme homeliness that is my from scratch-scratch spaghetti sauce!!


I started with beautiful, fresh produce from my mother-in-law’s garden (because who else grows such lovely tomatoes and red peppers?!)


 I roasted the veggies in the oven for a while with some garlic until my whole house smelled delicious!

Then I tossed the roasted veggies into the blender with some Italian seasoning. (Seriously: the Ninja.  Best.  Blender.  EVER.  And we’ve tried a lot of different crappy blenders.)  (Was the blender necessary?  For me– yes.  I have major textural issues with food, especially tomato chunks.  I never claimed to be normal.)  Finally, I added some Italian sausage and sauteed spinach.


And voila!!  Beautiful, delicious, oh-so-tasty, fresh-from-the-garden-except-for-spinach-from-the-freezer-case spaghetti sauce.  So good!

Next steps:

1) Acquire boat load of tomatoes.

2) Learn to can.

3) Admire handiwork.

Recipe-free is the way to be!  I love making it up as I go along… the results are almost always delicious!!  And the process, while disastrous for my kitchen, is most certainly F-U-N!  Fun!

Anyone interested in a spaghetti dinner?

(Yeah, this is not a food blog.  Therefore, my pictures are going to suck.  My process?  Wipe hands on towel, find iPhone, snap photo, moving on…  Nothing gorgeous, but oh-so-delicious.)

3 thoughts on “Behold!

  1. I never saw my great-grandmother, Italian version of Yoda (wise, same height but more Mediterranean olive in the skin, a little crankier), holding a recipe card when she made sauce either. She would have told you not to sell yourself short, when homely is done exceptionally well it is also exquisite and yet accessible. What gifts to give yourself and your loved ones. I had the sense to never argue with the woman, I recommend the same for you, just go with it.

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