Winter Forever

A fun little diddy I came up with this morning just for you:

This is the snow that never ends!
Yes it snows on and on my friends!
Some people started shoveling it not knowing what it was
And they’ll continue shoveling it forever just because
This is the snow that never ends…

Imagine Shari Lewis singing it as Lambchop. Lambchop in a little red winter hat and red winter mittens.


Interesting that I have a very distinct image in my head of Lambchop wearing a red hat and red scarf and yet, I cannot find such an image anywhere. Did I invent that memory? Am I combining Lambchop’s red mittens with Beaker’s red scarf from The Muppet Christmas Carol?

…Oh man, great news… while searching for an image of Lambchop, I came across a picture of Lambchop with Kermit! How awesome is that?!


Answer: crazy awesome!


Anyway, fingers crossed this is the last bit of snow we have to deal with this spring! Hope you enjoy the song! (On repeat… mwuahahaha!)

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