Tom… Hanks-style. Brotherly love.

So, I’m sure you guys remember my desperate pleas for help regarding this illegible inscription from Adam Bucko:


I got a lot of really great responses about what people thought it said and the general consensus seemed to be in favor of “May you be the change,” but I was still having some trouble making that out.  It just didn’t seem quite right.

Fortunately, my brother Tom was on the case.  In a somewhat obsessive way…. but I think he solved it!!

This is what he sent me:


And what he said was, “I think this is correct.  I traced it out until I could roughly free-hand the last two words then exaggerated the markings to separate out the individual letters.  Pretty damn fitting, if you ask me.”  And he went on to explain other hand writing analysis techniques he explored…

The conclusion?



I was so pumped!  But my favorite part is when Tom said this:

“I have a huge adrenaline rush right now 🙂  I just read the grace post and then that one and then felt like Tom Hanks in the Da Vinci Code piecing it all together.”

So I’ve got his address (you’d think I would have already had it, but alas, I did not… terrible sister) and his book is on its way.  Such a good brother!!  Thanks, Tom!


PS: My brother is a bonafide genius, but he is brilliant in a way very different from my sister and me.  Abby and I tend toward the sciences with a focus on the concrete.  Tom has a degree in philosophy and manages to wrap his big brain around some really crazy concepts.  In addition to being brilliant in that way, Tom is an AMAZING writer… and has been since he was like, I don’t know, eight?  As such, knowing he’s following along with my blog makes me feel CRAZY good!  Also, Tom’s hilarious… like if Will Ferrell and Andy Samberg had a tall, skinny man-child… and yet, sometimes I can make him laugh!  Nothing better than that!!

6 thoughts on “Tom… Hanks-style. Brotherly love.

  1. that. is. amazing.

    Tom’s amazing for piecing it together!

    And also amazing: how did Adam Bucko know how fitting it was!??!?!

    1. Isn’t Tom impressive?! I was so thrilled!

      And seriously… Adam Bucko! He couldn’t have written a more appropriate comment! But he seems so other-worldly, I shouldn’t be that surprised. He has absolutely soul-piercingly blue eyes and his dreads were wrapped up on top of his head in a spiral that I’m pretty sure is a direct conduit to that other-worldly-ness! Unreal!

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