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The big chop… a photo-essay, by request.

I suppose it’s not really fair to describe a big old hair cut and then not provide pictures. This is what I originally saw on Pinterest (after searching for square head and curly hair) and was completely inspired by:


Sandra Bullock, of course.  Because who wouldn’t want to look like her?  I can assure you I’m pretty darn close. See:


Ok, not exactly, but I’m pretty happy with it!  Not to mention that I’m going to save a ton of money on conditioner!  Cha-ching!

Unfortunately, I am firmly against gratuitous selfies.  Especially because they tend to emphasize the fact that my one eye opens further than the other and that my enormous shoulders are uneven.

I generally prefer photos that either make people laugh, like this one… or that demonstrate my amazing skills, like this one.

So I decided to ask Seth, super duper nicely (ok, I kind of forced him!), to take pictures that would allow me to show you guys some cool things that I want to show off, including:


1) This wall!  I painted this sweet wall in our basement to look like a football field.  It is to scale (1/3 original size) and looks awesome.  The life-size Rodgers fathead really completes it, don’t you think?  Seth totally digs his man cave, and I’m pretty darn proud of it!

2) My pupster!  Look at that sweet girl!  Her name is Curly, for Curly Lambeau, founder of the Packers.  She recently had knee surgery, which explains the shaved back leg (the bum knee) and the poodle cut up front (where her IV was).  She loves when I carry her around like my baby.  Or not.  But I love it 🙂

3) Look at my new book that came today!  It’s Deadly Contact and it was written by my real-life friend Lara.  So excited to read it!!  (And now I might win a prize because I posted a picture of me with it!)

4) My new bracelet that my friend Aimie’s daughter made for me!  She’s eight and CRAZY talented with the loom– she picked pink and blue just for me!  Such a sweet, sweet girl with an amazing mama!  (Did I say amazing… I’m sorry, I meant to say awesome.  She’s slated to be my next profile in awesome, after all!  Get pumped!)

Yeah, we had a lot of fun taking these photos…  what do you think of the new do?


Chop, Chop!

My hair has been bugging me for a while.  And by that I could mean that my hair has been bugging me since somewhere around the age of 9, but I don’t.  I’d like to focus on the more recent past right now.

Every day for the past month or so has been a battle with this hair of mine and I had become quite frustrated.  I’ve tried different shampoos and conditioners and every different hair gel, cream, or frizz control product I could get my hands… all to no avail.  My hair was up in a pony tail by about 10 am every day, regardless of what I did.

In addition, at the ripe old age of 29 (ok, almost 30… we’re getting very close!) I have become gray to the point that coloring is no longer optional.  (Unless, of course, my vanity changes in some significant way.  Doubt it.)  And that really needed to be done.

So, after work today I finally went in to do something about it.

A couple big chops and many, many, many foils and dishes of color later (I have a lot of hair) and I feel like a new woman!  I’m terrible about getting my hair cut… I tend to go about once, maybe twice, a year and in between I consistently claim that I’m “growing it out.”  But every time I actually pick up the phone and make the appointment, I feel so much better.  And every time I am amazed at what a difference something so simple can make.

My hair has been a single source of frustration in my life as of late, albeit a very physical and outward sign of frustration.  A lot of that frustration needs to be dealt with in other ways, but I think the hair cut is a really good start.

A lot of things in life are that way though, aren’t they?  They are for me.

I don’t feel like going to volleyball, but I do… and I have a good time.

I’m planning not to have a good time, but I smile anyway… and it becomes a real smile.

Running sounds painful and I’d rather just sit, but I get dressed to workout… and end up feeling great.

It’s that fake it til you make it mentality, and it works in so many ways.  My new hair cut says that I’m not frustrated… perhaps tomorrow I really won’t be.