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Adult Decisions

I’m absolutely obsessive about paint colors. (No, I don’t expect that to surprise you.) And my master bedroom was, of course, no exception.

I agonized over the color. I had a vague idea of what I wanted (thank you, Pinterest!), but was scared out of my mind to actually pull the trigger. After considerable deliberation, I finally bought the paint during a Menard’s 11% off sale last spring. Then I got some lovely prints to match it from a local photographer at the Marshfield Mother’s Day art fair. I purchased new curtains and curtain rods and hung them. I sewed a duvet cover in cream and white to match (which took for-ev-er). And I even bought some little shelves at Ikea the last time I was in Minneapolis. But here we are, nearly one year later, and I only just now put the color up on the walls.

It was so scary!

But dang! Did it ever turn out nice!

Paint 1

Don’t you think???

The color is called “blue fjord,” not the best name ever, which is a bummer because, call me ridiculous, but the name of the color is incredibly important to me. (My living room is painted,  you will not believe this, Ypsilanti skies! YPSILANTI! Of all the random cities! Ypsilanti! Too awesome!) I got a little nervous when Seth seemed pretty weirded out right off the bat and then I texted some friends a pictures and one of them said, and I quote, “Rachel. Are you painting it black??” and I could imagine her saying it with shock and it totally made me laugh.

It’s not black, not even dark gray, it dried a lovely shade of blue and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it.

After having a couple days to let it sink in, Seth declared last night that it looked very “adult.” I’m glad he likes his big boy room 😉

And because I’m very grown up and adult, I couldn’t complete the look without hanging these beautiful Albus Dumbledore quotations!


Birthday gifts from the Lemas-- so thoughtful!!
Birthday gifts from the Lemas– so thoughtful!!

I’m still jonesing for some new, adult-style furniture, but Curly’s knee is our priority (and Uncle Sam insisted on being priority #2– a hole) so that’ll have to wait. E-ven-tu-al-ly. I’m cool with baby steps.




***Just in case you didn’t already know, Ypsilanti is the name of the town I hail from. It’s in southern Michigan, just a few miles north of Ohio and west of Detroit. The Y is pronounced like an I and you can call it Ypsi for short. Oh, Y-town, how I love thee!

The Most Loved Little Girl in All the World

Being an adult is really interesting because it makes you see your own childhood in a whole different way.  It really makes you think.

And when I say you and your, I suppose what I mean is actually me and my… I can’t expect you to feel the same way, after all.  (Validate meeeeee….)

Until relatively recently, I’ve had very little occasion to actually interact with little kids.  But I’ve had more and more chances lately, especially now that my sister and many of my friends have little ones of their own.  (My baby sister has a baby!  It’s insane, you guys!  Insane!!!)

Being around all these kids, like I said, has been interesting.  Especially because I feel like it’s made me a lot less selfish.  Because I adore these kids!  Adore them!!!  All of them!

Emily and Christian… seriously.  Dreams come true.  Emily is a mini-me, as we’ve discussed before.  And Christian is a comedic genius– A B C D E F… PANTS!

My friend Aimie (that awesome Aimie I told you about the other day) has two little ones as well and the way her son talks and the way her daughter smiles– it just kills me!  Love them!

And of course, I have to mention my sweet little niece– she’s going to be TWO already in a couple of weeks!  What?!  She’s got this crazy little independent spirit and I just love that baby girl!

And then there’s the little sweetheart who got me a ticket on this thought train at her first birthday party last weekend.  Little Lotti (sorry Krystal, names changed to protect the confidentiality of minors) turned one this weekend.

Look at this picture for a moment: All the Cameras

Do you see all those cameras?!  Yep, that’s 6 separate camera screens pointed at that sweet little girl all at once… not to mention mine, which took the picture, and the several other people behind and to the side of me.  As I scrolled through the pictures after the fact trying to find one without a hundred other cameras in it I thought, wow.  Just wow.  There are a lot of people who love this little girl.

And then I thought about her future husband, who was sitting on my lap (another baby I just adore!), and I almost got weepy thinking about the two of them walking down the aisle and dang.  Just dang.

I have a lot of freakishly distinct memories about my early childhood stored up in my big fat brain, and yet, I can only recall feeling loved from the perspective of a small child… and that just doesn’t do it justice.  If I was loved even half as much as these kids are loved by me and all the other adults in their life, then dang.  Just dang.  That’s a lot of love!

So on Saturday, without a doubt, little Lotti was the most loved little girl in all the world.  But I think it’s pretty safe to say that at some point, we all were.  That’s pretty nice, right?