It’s a go.

I’ve always been a really good test taker — it’s just a skill I have.

Today, I blew my test out of the water.

Needed to pass: a 50% increase in my HCG levels.

My score? 84% increase!! Woot woot!

On Wednesday, my serum levels were 122 mIU/ml… today 225 mIU/ml. Yes. Yes yes yes.

Definitely, definitely pregnant.

Oh, thank goodness!


My niece Emma’s thoughts on the topic: “Yeth!!!!” (With double fist pump.)

Me too, baby girl!!!


PS: YOU GUYS! Why is everyone SO DANG NICE?! I’m so weepy it’s not even funny… except kind of it is. Thanks so much for the gobs and gobs of love and buckets of support. I can’t thank you enough, really, truly, honestly.

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