Words, but I’m tired.

I got the dreaded “you like tired! are you ok?!” this afternoon.

Doh! I was even wearing mascara and having a good hair day!  Stupid eye bags, ruining it all!

Regardless… it was a productive day and Seth and I had a lovely little lunch date. So, overall, it was a win.

What about Joan?

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” –John 1:1

Words. Words. Words.

My life is words. All day, every day.

Joan’s life seems similar.

“This week I will start a new book. I live in hope of the living Word in it. I also listen for the word of my own life that is true. Is it simply to go on, to finish what I began simply because I began it? Or is it to become what’s missing, whatever the upheaval it will cost me. That is the major question of my life right now. I long to put down the institution, the definition, the responsibilities, the expectations, the connections. I long to begin over… to become silence… to disappear.” –Joan Chittister

Oooo. Putting the living Word into our words. I bet it makes them all that much better.

I’m certain that my words are better when I’m really feeling it. When they really mean something to me.

But seriously, nothing means anything to me at the moment but my bed. I’m beat! Night, y’all!!

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