When snowflakes fall…

A rough couple of days around these parts.  My sweet puppy girl had surgery on her knee again today (her first knee surgery was back in October) and we’re in for another 4 weeks of recovery.  She’s a very high energy, snow loving puppy… so keeping her calm for four more weeks with snow on the ground is going to be a huge challenge.  And my heart breaks for the pain I know she’s going to have to endure all over again. I just feel so bummed out for her.

Snowy Pup

But while I was out shoveling four fresh inches of snow off our driveway, Frank Sinatra’s I Wish You Love kept running through my head:

I wish you shelter from the storm, a cozy fire to keep you warm,

But, most of all, when snowflakes fall, I wish you love.

My Curly girl is going to be bummed about all the snow and her inability to run, frolic, and burrow in it like she loves to do, but she will have all the love in the world, that’s for sure! Hopefully some snuggling, a sedative or two (this time around, we’re getting smart about this!), and a couple weeks of R&R will have Curly all fixed up.  And I suppose we can take her out for a snowy little snack every once in a while– the world is Curly’s snow cone!


4 thoughts on “When snowflakes fall…

  1. aw, sorry about Curly’s knee! I remember finding all Bentley’s scars and promising her I’ll keep her safe… and then putting conditions on it later– like, “Bentley I can’t keep you safe if you run away!” Sheesh. Or “Bentley, stop attempting backflips on laminate floors!” (she hops backwards for treats or squeaky balls and she’s no spring chicken!) Wish they understood logic and reason!

    1. Poor Bentley with all those scars!! I know she feels safe with such a loving mom now!! A dog with logic and reason would basically just be a cat, right? And what dog lover would want that??? 😉

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