An announcement to stay tuned and a birthday wish!

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But for today… today….

Today is my Grandma Rita’s birthday!  Happy birthday, Grandma Rita!!

I think she’s turning about 60 or so… right, Grandma?  Regardless, she doesn’t look a day over 59!  The most important thing to know about my grandma is this:

There is nothing… NOTHING…  that feels better than being loved the way my Grandma Rita loves.

To be loved by my Grandma Rita is a privilege, a treat, an honor, a revelation, a lesson in how to live a good life.  She loves her family, she loves her friends, and she is willing to wrap just about anyone into that fold– as friend or family, no matter how you walk into her life or she walks into yours.

Big holidays are such a prime example.  It’s never odd for there to be a new significant other, friend, coworker, or neighbor without family of their own joining us at the table.  And never once have I seen my grandma put out by this– everyone is welcomed with open arms, big smiles, and lots of good conversation and amazing food (seriously, my Grandpa John’s fudge… to die for… and if my Aunt Debbi has baked something… oy, my mouth is watering).

In fact, my grandma is so welcoming that even people who join unexpectedly at Christmas are never forgotten by Santa.  I’ve been the odd man out before at someone else’s family Christmas, and it can be hard.  But when you come to my Grandma’s house at Christmas, Santa shows up with something in his bag specifically for you.  Like with your name on it.  I’ve seen the shock and joy on practical strangers faces time and time again.  But that’s what my Grandma Rita does.

Master story teller and published author, Pastel the clown, ringleader of the Wardcliff Kindergarten Circus, lifelong teacher and student, world traveler, and avid reader– a huge happy birthday to my beautiful Grandma Rita!



By the way… I’m literally making homemade (like started from the dang tomatoes) ketchup right now. I’m the homeliest!!

8 thoughts on “An announcement to stay tuned and a birthday wish!

  1. I agree! My mom is the best mom that ever was. I celebrate her every day – as well as my luck to be her child. Rachel, you may be right that she’s the best grandmother, but for me, her mother who you were named for, Rachel, was one hell of a contender. Count yourself extremely lucky to be born into a family of women like this. Strong, gracious, fun, intelligent, and loving. Is good.

  2. A agree with the Nut. I am lucky to be her daughter! We come from a long line of unique and inspirational women; you are obviously doing your part to carry on the tradition!

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