“One of the marvelous facts of life is that every ending carries within itself the potential for a new beginning.” –Mary Borhek

Or, as Semisonic says… every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. That’s what started rolling in my head right away.


“I have had to learn this truth the hard way – and may not really have learned it at all. Whatever the public perception, I find it very difficult to give up the past. My pattern is to resist it kicking and screaming. But then, once the step is taken, never to look back. I simply am where I am – rooted until I go through the next forcible replanting  and then I root again. So far every planting has been a better one. When will I ever learn that?” –Joan Chittister

Forcible replanting.




It’s such a beautiful way to describe an ending. You never get uprooted without being replanted. You will blossom again.

Crazy abdominal pain? You will bloom again.

Heartbreak? You will bloom again.

Replanted again in greener pastures.

Every new beginning.

I have friends and family that need to hear this right now. I need to hear this always.

So much easier to remember from the other side of the new beginning. So very difficult to see from a fresh uprooting. I wish there were a faster way to the bloom, but the pain makes it so beautiful when it does happen. Promise.


Promise. Promise. Promise.

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