Felix Felicis!

First order of business:

Holy crap! This is post number 100! I wanted to make it a big deal, but it just kind of snuck up on me. I logged on to blog about my felix felicis kind of day and saw this:

99 posts

99 total posts (and 779 comments– thanks, friends! I love, love, love when people respond to what I write!) and today’s makes 100.  (PS: yes, I changed my dashboard to purple. It makes me ridiculously happy.)

And that’s pretty much just the kind of day it’s been. The things that were supposed to happen– they did.

The weather here in Wisconsin is a super crappy mess of snow and ice and cold and I thought our office could use a little pick-me-up first thing in the am. Stopping at Festival Foods on my way to work for donuts, I noticed a cart full of steeply discounted Valentine’s Day candy. Reduced for quick sale! Seriously? I mean, V-day was only a week ago! I’ll take it!

Don’t mind if I do, kind cart! I grabbed a bag of each type available. Delish! And necessary… our candy drawer was getting quite low.

Then on to the donuts. I found some delicious looking donut holes– sugar and cinnamon sugar (mmmm…) so I picked those up and headed back out into the cold and to the Clinic for work.

I pulled into my parking spot and as I was putting on my hat and mittens, that super nice security man who has given me a couple rides to the building during this awful winter stopped right in front of my truck and offered me a ride. I was so glad it was today, of all days, on the day I had donuts. Last week, on Valentine’s Day, I brought him a little baggie of chocolates, but didn’t see him– dang! But this morning, I was able to offer him donuts! Even better! We chatted, he popped donut holes, and then I left him a couple for the road. Perfect!

Plus, like I said, the weather was miiiiiiserable this morning, so I was very appreciative of the lift!

Little things, but perfect timing… everything just worked out. And felix felicis immediately came to mind.

Felix felicis, aka liquid luck, is the potion Harry Potter won on his first day of Defense Against the Dark Arts under Professor Horace Slughorn. The drinker can basically do no wrong… and when Harry used it, everything went exactly as it needed to go.

Apparently, chai tea with vanilla almond milk was my felix this morning.

Harry imbibed and he made it to Aragog’s funeral to support his friend Hagrid despite restrictions for leaving the castle and tempted Slughorn to go with him by promising him a rare venom, managed to cast non-verbal spells to get him drunk, and extracted the memory he needed.

I imbibed and got a great deal on candy, a ride into work, and a chance to thank the security guard with some donuts.

You can see how this is pretty much exactly the same… yes?

That’s what I thought.

Anyway, thanks so much for hanging around for the first hundred– I’m looking very much forward to hundreds and hundreds more! Have a lovely weekend!!



For more information on felix felicis, please refer to the super sweet Harry Potter Wiki! (There’s one for the Muppets, too! Oh Wiki, how I love you!)

11 thoughts on “Felix Felicis!

    1. Thanks, Lara. I also cannot wait to read more from you and when you get to book #100, I will throw you the biggest bash ever! Except you won’t even be a little bit impressed because you’ll be to busy living in your Texas-style ranch-mansion raising mini-ponies and eating Texas toast… or is that not your master plan?

  1. Cute, I love the Potter reference! Those days are awesome- when everything sort of falls into place somehow. Just makes you smile! You’re such a nice person to offer the guy a little gift for his kindness, I think food is the best way to do that. Sometimes someone will do something nice for me and I think “I should give them a tip!” even if it’s a situation where that would be weird (like a person at a tire dealership filling my tires for free in the pouring rain) and food would be a much more welcome little ‘thank you’ than $5. Or possibly offer them some Felix Felicis 🙂 Congrats on 100!

    1. Good point, Kacey! It was like a tip except better… more friend-y, perhaps? Food is the ultimate in my opinion too. So much more personal than cash. I feel like I would carry around a bag of candy if it wouldn’t make me look like such a pedophile.

      Unfortunately, I am far too greedy to be handing on felix felicis even if I did have some. I’d totally keep it all for myself. (Evil laughter…)

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