Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

I’m feeling ridiculously down-and-out this morning. Valentine’s Day was lovely and everything (Seth says Curls learned how to use the phone just to send me flowers– she let Seth put his name on the card, too… very sweet), so it’s not a post-Valentine’s Day let-down or anything.

It’s personal, really. But suffice it to say: I feel like a loser. An idiot. Etc.

I was sad last night and spent the morning eating pancakes and lounging around with my pup… still sad. Still feeling completely stupid. Fortunately, Little Miss Sunshine came on tv and it’s on my list of movies-I-can’t-resist-anytime-they-are-on-tv-no-matter-how-many-times-I-have-seen-them.


I just love this movie, it’s so great– it’s about family and struggle and perseverance and love and the sweetest, most interesting little girl ever. One of my favorite scenes is so happy-sad I can barely stand it. Olive, the little girl, is getting ready to go to sleep and asks her Grandpa, “Am I pretty?” and then explains that she’s afraid of being a loser because her daddy hates losers (he’s a motivational speaker) and here’s what her grandpa says to her:

“Do you know what a loser is? A real loser is someone who’s so afraid of not winning, they don’t even try. Now you’re trying, right?… Well, then you’re not a loser!”

And I thought– yeah. I did try. I try to put myself out there over and over and over again, even though it’s scary to get close to people, to make new friends and grow new family. Fortunately, I have a sweet, sweet sister, Abby, who also serves as my very best friend, and she reminds me that trying to get close to people is totally worth it for those occasions when it works. It’s sad when it doesn’t of course, but you’re only a loser if you don’t try. And I always have my sister to console me when it doesn’t. Thank goodness for that!

So I guess that’s all  I can really be responsible for– trying. And that alone is enough to guarantee that I’m not a loser, just a girl putting herself out there, doing the best she can.


Ummm… also this just happened. Hard to be bummed at all in the face of such ridiculous cuteness!!!


5 thoughts on “Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

  1. Love having time to catch up on your blog- love how you share your heart and the ups and downs of life and how you celebrate your family. Whatever is making you feel like an idiot is not worth it and is not based on truth I guarantee- so banish it from your mind Hermoine- style!! Hugs!

    1. Thanks, Dawn… you’re so sweet. And Hermione does pretty much always know what’s up. Working on taking your advice! Be gone, bad thoughts!! <3

  2. yep, cut yourself some slack… and enjoy your weekend. I’m in the middle of a bedroom remodel and cleaning for guests (mom and dad!) so do a little relaxing for me too! 😉

    1. Do you feel more relaxed today? Because truly, I worked really, really not hard at all to do as absolutely little as possible yesterday to account for my need to throw myself a pity party as well as your need to take a break… I hope it worked! Because I did nothing. It was lovely. Although, I did the same thing for a day last weekend, too, as I was recovering from a very taxing, extrovert-style Friday night outing and was wiped. Too many more weekends like this and my house is going to be past the point of no return!

      Enjoy your time with your parents… and your popcorn… but especially your parents 🙂

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