A list of things that make me feel smug. Super smug.

I had such a great start to my day today. It was 7 degrees below zero this morning and the windchill was something ridiculously below that. It was cool though, because I dressed warm with a hat and mittens and all that, but I still wasn’t exactly looking forward to the hike from my car to the building. But, I noticed when I parked that one of the security vehicles stopped in front of me (I pulled through– because it makes me feel smug to not have to reverse when I leave) and rolled down his window.

My initial reaction was “CRAP! Am I outside the lines or something?!” but that nice, nice man offered me a ride to the building instead! Seriously?! I was thrilled! I usually enjoy a nice walk to start my day and again in the evening, but this snot-freezing cold isn’t exactly pleasant. So instead, I climbed in, he cranked the heat, and we listened to Christmas tunes and chatted until he dropped me off right at the door. I was absolutely delighted by this small kindness!

But, I’ve got to admit, I was also feeling kind of smug when I stepped out of that car and walked right up the stairs and in the door, barely feeling the chill. And I thought to my self, “Good grief! The things that make me feel smug are so silly! I should make a list.” And this is that list.

Things That Make Me Feel Smug

  1. Living somewhere colder than you. I know, it’s ridiculous, right? I of course have absolutely no control over the weather and neither do you, and yet, when it’s colder here than it is there– I get smug. The high for today: -2 degrees. Smugness.
  2. Being able to reach that thing on the top shelf. I’m tall and I have got some seriously monkey-style arms. Before I instituted a ban on negative self-talk (for other people mostly, but sometimes they call me on it), I complained about it a lot. And yet, when there’s something up high that needs to be grabbed, I feel super smug when I’m the only one that can do it.
  3. Having a real Christmas tree. Real trees are messy and expensive and can be a major source of bother for allergy sufferers… and yet, having a real one makes me feel totally smug. Please don’t mistake smugness for judgement. This is about me, not you. But that tree, it gets me!
  4. When I hit 10,000 steps in a day. I wear an UP band every day (I’ve told you about that before) and those days when I hit my goal (and the goal everyone is supposed to have or something) I feel totally smug. Boom… step x 10,000! I rule!
  5. Using my passport when I travel domestically. Unnecessary? Oh yes. But it makes me feel soย worldly. Like yeah, I have a passport, it’s really NBD. (Except the first time I tried to use my passport at BWI, the TSA guy was like, “Is this your first time using your passport?” I, naturally, beamed at him with a huge YES and started going on about my vacation. To which he responded, “You need to sign it.” Not so smug right then.)
  6. Having an out-of-state driver’s license. I was truly sad the day I had to get my new Wisconsin license because being carded was no longer so exciting. I loved buying a bottle of wine at Festival Foods and having the cashier ask me when I moved here and why. It was a fun little way to start a conversation. And it made me feel super smug– yeah, I did just move here from a big city, whatevs. I’m a Sconi through and through now, though. No more smugness… unless I get carded in California. That still makes me feel smuggy– just a little Sconi from a small town on vacation in SoCal ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. Buying a whole chicken. I was scared of roasting a whole chicken for a really long time. Until I did it once. It was actually crazy easy and oh so ridiculously delicious. I’ve loved doing it ever since. And I always feel so smug when I buy one. Look at me, buying this whole chicken like Julia Child, and yes, I am going to season and cook it myself. I’m even going to make stock out of the carcass. Go ahead, be impressed.

How about you? What makes you feel smug? I can’t be the only one.

I had a friend in college who always looked smug, my friend Aimee and I (yes, that Aimee) called him Smuggums– appropriate and a palindrome. Making up good nicknames makes me feel smug too… just ask my sister, Shabsky.

13 thoughts on “A list of things that make me feel smug. Super smug.

  1. hahahahaha!

    And I’m smug that you’re smug about being colder!!! Actually, it was above 20 degrees this morning, so you can be smug today, I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Your mom is SO right! Living in Alaska has earned you the right to be smugger than anyone else I know! Granted, Fairbanks Aimee had a little more reason to be smug than Anchorage Aimee… but you can still be way more smug than even yoopers have any right to be! There-was-a-moose-in-my-front-yard-smug, I-don’t-need-a-night-light-because-the-northern-lights-are-right-outside-my-window-smug, I’m-not-just-an-engineer-I’m-an-arctic-engineer-smug, and I could go on…

    1. Oh man do I ever hear that– and Western Michigan has earned the right to be smug central recently! I always felt super smug when I was in Houghton for that very reason!

  2. I feel smug about being short. I don’t have to move me head or walk around low hanging tree branches. Also, I can get the items on the high shelves at the supermarkets by climbing – I don’t need a tall stranger to grab something for me ; )

    1. I love that we both feel smug for exactly opposite reasons! I love imaging you and me in a grocery store, me grabbing something off the top shelf and feeling smug about it… you feeling smug that I’m grabbing it for you. Smugness is so fun! And so much better than being “proud” of something because it doesn’t have to be even kind of based in any sort of reality!

  3. I feel smug when I’m out with Emma and people oo and ahh at her cuteness. I’m like, yeah she’s mine, I made her (with a little help from my handsome hubby).

    In addition to your smugness about nicknames, you should also feel smug about making up songs… to go with those nicknames.

    Shabsky Baluga Fisk

    PS: That security guard! Seriously? SO nice!

    1. Emma being cute makes even me feel smug just for being her auntie. Her favorite auntie! Because it means some of that super cuteness belongs to me!

      My songs are pretty awesome, too… Abby… you in lo-ove… with that dog…

      I love you, Shabsky Balu!

      And seriously, that security guard made my day!!

  4. I know plenty of people who get smug about their weather! Especially the Californians who pretty much always have a 70 degree and sunny forecast. Very smug! Hm, have to think about what makes me smug today!

    1. If I were you, I’d totally feel smug about the Georgia weather being so lovely at the moment. And I’d feel smug about having such lovely, silky, shiny, frizz-free hair, even in Georgia! But that’s just me… pretending to be you… in a creepy (?) but unintentionally so way!!

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