Begging for Belly Rubs


A quick Saturday afternoon post over this lovely Labor Day weekend. (We’re spending it in Green Bay– the Holy Land. Go Pack Go!!)

Every morning while I get ready for work, my dog Curly (for Curly Lambeau– I told you Green Bay is our holy land) follows me around. Just before I head out the door, she rolls over on her back to let me know she wants a belly rub. It puts a smile on my face and I happily oblige. (Metaphorical smile– I’m totally not a morning person. Regardless, I do oblige.)

Asking for what you want– what a concept. I don’t think I consciously learned that from Curls, but it seems to be something I put in action lately. To my husband, “I love you– do you love me?” To my boss, “I’d like to work on this project, here’s why…” And it works!

Although, I can’t imagine that I’m as cute as Curls begging for a belly rub.

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